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Ruth King’s Musical GENRE
“Acoustic Blues”


“Thank you Ruth King for such incredible life filled energy!  You truly have a gift and you so generously shared your talent, music, and joy with all of us tonight at conference.  Music truly heals.  We laughed and danced and celebrated being alive last night.” – Florida Society of Oncology Social Workers (FSOSW)

“Thank you again for your stunning performance at this year’s Festival! I personally loved each song you performed and can honestly say that I believe the audience was  ‘smitten’ with you. You did a great job – and I know you have an illustrious future ahead of you.” – Joyce Warner-Stone, Festival Producer

“Hi Ruth. The next time you are presenting at an event like this, please invite me. I believe you impacted every person sitting in that room. I know everyone took something important away with them. Something that touched them deep down in their heart somehow. I know for myself, I needed to see and hear you that day at that exact moment. I do not know how I have been impacted yet, but I know some changes are on the rise!” – Wendi Smith, Library Supervisor, Central Florida Reception Center

“Your ‘Ruth King’s Reality’ show was so endearing that my residents are still talking about it. Your show was so different that it made people really listen. The musicality was excellent but that was only a part of it. The real allure was the story telling and endearing way you put the audience in your shoes. You mixed the sets with just enough familiar songs that they were engaged enough to be interested in the original music.” – Jeff Gay, Production Manager

“I just want to say how wonderful and what an inspiring guest speaker and performer Ms. King is. I truly believe that she touches anyone where ever she may go. Her story is not just a story, it is a testimony that can change things and most important…people (for the better). Keep telling your story! I absolutely love her style, dress, demeanor and oh my goodness she can sing! I see certain aspects of myself in her (eccentric and free spirited). I hope I can see her again soon in the near future at another event. . . . to enjoy more pleasant moments such as Ms. King. I hope she is able to grace us with her presence at another program here at Central Florida Reception Center.” – Elicia J. Conner, Secretary Specialist-F/C, Classification Dept.

“There is such a raw emotion in your playing and a passion in your singing.  So much so, I can tell that there is a story behind the song and singing is like your process of moving or breaking through it.  That is what draws me to your sound.  That cannot be reproduced, enhanced or tweaked;  it just is… refreshing.  You are being you in your music.  Thank you for creating music in a world of noise.  Keep singing and have a super week.”  – Namaste, Kathy

“I loved the show & your voice” Andrea Edwards, Arizona State, AZ

“The show was excellent!” Cassandra Bailey, Arizona State, AZ

“Great Show” Rebecca Stevens, SUNY Utica/Rome, NY

“I really enjoyed the performance…” Brian Sheller, Penn College, Williamsport, PA

“Loved it!!” Joy Lambert, Alfred University, NY

“Awesome!” Adam Andredick, Bloomsburg University, PA

“Ruth King was great!” Rachel Semcheski, Bloomsburg University, PA

“Great Show!” Michael Preston, Austin State University, TX

“Loved Ruth King! Absolutely fantastic!” Kacy O’brian, Bucknell University, PA

“I love Ruth King’s performance!!” Megan Slentesy, Lycoming College, PA

“You were great” Sharrah Brown, Alfred University, NY

“I went to see Ms. King perform. I was immediately impressed by her strong and versatile voice and by the diversity of her song choices” – Jillian Friedman, Lake Eola Charter School

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