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Ruth King is the producer of five original albums. Music is Ruth’s passion. Her latest record is HOME. Ruth has toured the Music Festival and College Concert circuits on stages across the U.S. and has recently embarked on writing her memoir, a book she hopes to published soon under her a.k.a. name, Ruth Anne King.

When Ruth King was born it was illegal. Her mixed heritage, African American and Caucasian, was against the law in thirteen U.S. States in America. This was the law of the land until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that banning interracial unions violated our U.S. Constitution. The objectionable law remained on the books until 1967. Seven years old and finally a recognized citizen in her own country, Ruth began her life-quest for healing and belonging. Eventually she would put pen to paper and lyric to melody. Inspired by the book, Love Activism by Stacy Russo, Ruth puts a name to the intent of her life’s work through song and writing.

Studies led to Florida State University School of Music, but most of Ruth’s creative foundation came from her musical family of origin on both sides. Additionally inspired by the radio pop music of the day, her style gleans from a wide spectrum of genres. Labeled a blues artist, Ruth’s listeners may discover a more eclectic feel to her music. Her explanation: “All music is soul music.”

Born in Virginia and raised in up-state New York Ruth makes her home in central Florida. The music of this blues recording artist streams worldwide on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon/Alexa, etc., and you can watch the music videos of Ruth King on her YouTube Channel: RUTHKINGBLUES.

Love Activism

On Christmas Day 2016 Peggy Whiston spoke to the World from upon the International Space Station. The view in her window was that of our Earth surrounded by the deep darkness of space. Her words were profound.

“In addition to family, there is another very important aspect to being on the ISS,” said Whitson. “That is seeing the planet as a whole. It actually reinforces I think, that fact that we should live as one people and strive for peace.”

Love Activism is what we can experience in our every day lives among friends, family, strangers, and within our own selves. Love transforms people.

By Equal Justice Initiative

Amazing Tribute!!! Ruth King Rocks The House!!!