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Blues singer Ruth King’s highly-anticipated 5th album


3 years in the recording studio,
10 years since her last album release, and
49 years in-the-making,
the long-awaited CD, HOME, by Ruth King is

From its inception, HOME has promised to bring the soulful music of Ruth King full circle to encompass the wide dynamics of her eclectic creativity. HOME delivers!

HOME features original music from inspirations dating back to 1973 when, as a teen, Ruth began putting lyric to melody, accompanied by her acoustic guitar. The record includes songwriting from her earliest days of music-making, through her college years of music study, and right up until present day. Adding to the record’s healing dynamics is a song written by Jim Messina (Loggins and Messina) entitled Peace of Mind.

Clearly Ruth’s vocals have become more heartfelt and captivating than ever as she sings out her passions on HOME. Orchestrating her songs included writing scores for brass, and a string quartet which brought new artistry to life for Ruth. She also wrote a score for bassoon for A Life Well Lived, the song she wrote for Whitney Houston the week of her passing. A song she was honored to later share with Whitney’s family.

Grammy nominated record producer, Michael Franklin, has created a masterpiece with HOME. Mr. Franklin is a pianist and orchestrator of notability, talents spotlighted on this album. His who’s who celebrity list of artists he has produced spans decades. Featured on HOME are an array of recording industry greats including Charlie DeChant on sax and flute (Hall-n-Oats), and renown percussionist Steady Joseph (Jon Anderson of YES).

The World of music was due for a timely record such as HOME. Let the lyrical heart and musical soul of Ruth King take you to that most desired place: HOME. It is likely this record will remain among the favorites for many years to come.

With HOME by Ruth King you’ll soon be singing along, “Home is where I long to be…”

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