This melody came to me when I was a freshman in college. It was my first time away from home, five hundred miles away from anything or anyone familiar. Glad to be on my own yet sad to be out of my comfort zone.

I carried this duplicity into each newly formed bond in my brand-new adult life. From then on this same shadow followed me around eclipsing the essence of connection with others. It even left a somewhat blurry connection with myself. Little did I know, home is a place within and I carry it with me wherever I go.

Good Now

To enjoy a sense of well-being, a hopeful expectation, an inner joy. These are the gifts of making good choices. Of saying no when no is what you mean. Of finding solace in good company.

Leaving behind those who do not or cannot have another's best interest at heart. This is the prescription for ending abuse to one's own soul. Whether it be a personal or business relationship, today I insist on mutually honorable and caring interactions. All else need not apply.

A Life Well Lived

The week that Whitney passed this song came to me. I so wanted, (and tried) to get this to her daughter, mother, and immediate family.

Then a year later while I entertained at a prominent Orlando resort, in walked Bobby Brown. After my show, I met him, gave him the lyrics, and told him of a YouTube acoustic version of the song. He was gracious with a kind-hearted response.

The song was recorded at three studios by three engineers, (Matt Brown, Jason Blackerby, and Charlie St. Cyr-Paul), and produced by Grammy nominee Michael Franklin.

They made this record what you hear today! This video was filmed by an extraordinarily gifted videographer named Alex Reavis. The stars were shining on me the day friends introduced me to Alex and I'm ever grateful. Bassoonist Janet Harris is the soul voice of Whitney, for me, in this recording. She put all that she is into the performance, which is stellar.