"Ruth Anne King bases her CURE for RACISM WORKSHOP & CONCERT on her life experience found within her book, RUTH: When I was thirty-five years old, I became Black. This book actually leapt out at me. In her emotionally powerful and provocative memoir, Ruth reflects on many facets of being a biracial Black American. In sharing her hurtful personal stories about her experiences with racist people, she speaks straight from the heart and encourages her readers to love the racist. RUTH calls on all of us to join our values to the power of love and act with courage toward a world in need of healing ."

- Dr. Terri McConnell, Retired Professor

Here you can find Ruth singing songs and presenting programs on topics that match the release of her long-awaited book, RUTH: When I Was Thirty-five Years Old, I Became Black. Ruth’s memoir brings hope and guidance for racial healing in our World today.


Ruth King, aka Ruth Anne King, is the author of this memoir. This biracial Black woman brings a story of love, a study of hate, and a cure for racism. While writing her book, Ruth discovered that she knew the cure for racism. The answer had always been with her. Having been born into Black and White racism on both sides, Ruth found a way to win the war against hate. To share this remedy and to heal our nation is Ruth’s heartbeat.

Light-hearted communication, even to the point of good humor and comedy, brings this presentation alive with remedies for wounds at the soul level.

“The cure is a simple solution.
This is the non-violent resistance of our time.
Find out how. Perhaps this solution can bring
peace to you personally in a racial situation,
or along the lines of work relationships.
Even if you just hope for a remedy
that can heal our country’s divides.”

Photo by Terri McConnell

Photo by Madison Thorn

“Civil rights work is tiring at best.
It can verge on depression, hopelessness,
and complete exhaustion. Having come to,
through, and beyond the hardest part of racism —
taking it personally — I’ve come to a truth.
Once the hurting stops — and it does —
there is often humor to be found.
In others, in ourselves, and in humanity in general.
Dick Van Dyke said, ‘You have to be able to laugh at yourself.
Attitude is almost more important than what happens to you.’”

— Ruth Anne King

The Concert features several previously unreleased new civil rights songs which are central to Ruth’s story. The blues/jazz and folk acoustics of singer/songwriter Ruth King augment the significance of her findings. Mainly that racism is 100% curable. Accompanying herself on the guitar, her voice rings out in defiance of those ideas that would divide us.

Free Free
Red (If By Now 2001)
Lucky (Home 2021)
New Day Dawning
One Good Cry (Home 2021)
Tears of Africa
Desperate Days (Attache 1995)
Courage of the Butterfly
Scared Girl (If By Now 2001)
In Secret (Ain’t Gonna…2009)

Good Now (Home 2021)
The Rain on My Eyelashes (Home 2021)
Safe in Love (Ain’t Gonna…2009)
Problem (Home 2021)
Higher than the Heavens (Amazed 2001)
Simon (Home 2021)
The Same (Amazed 2001)
Thanks to You (Attache 1995)
Pigeon (Home 2021)
Another Horizon (Amazed 2001)


Ruth’s passion emerges on the pages of her book and in the melody and lyrics in her concert as she blends song with solution. A solution that begins with healing ourselves and loving others. The end result delivers a remedy for our society’s racial impasse.

Photo by CHUCK DAVIS at Draco Noir


It is a concert plus an entertaining, multifaceted presentation, plus an interactive program involving participation with Workshop and Concert attendees. The Workshop and the Concert are integrative, enlightening, and exhilarating. Ruth’s extensive work on the topic of curing racism has inspired the subject matter of this musical workshop event. As a motivational speaker and from experience Ruth asserts that there is reason to hope.

There is always a live concert at every CURE FOR RACISM WORKSHOP and CONCERT event.

Ruth’s songs are woven within and throughout with book excerpts from her biography along with poetry and prose from yet-unpublished works. Words, actions, and perspectives of our nation’s civil rights heroes are included in her presentation. But, group participation with unique opportunities for sharing is the shining star and foundation of every workshop experience.



This session contains all the elements of the half-day forum. In addition, there is an early evening concert. Selected volunteers who participated in the day's workshop are featured presenters at Ruth’s evening concert. As they deliver their works of discovery based around the cures for racism, solutions revealed to them through the workshops become new insights for all in attendance.

Each workshop portion of the program ends with a concise musical meditation performed on the guitar by Ruth*. Although the Cure for Racism WORKSHOPS & Concert is fun, enriching, healing, and heart-warming, we can never let go of the fact that efforts toward civil rights are work. Hard work. Sometimes heart-breaking and loss-inducing. Racism hurts because that is what it is meant to do. The musical meditation is aided by a brief melodic passage into the notes on the music scale that corresponds with the energy centers in our bodies. This is a most subtle and powerful ending to a day’s work well done.

"As a member of the Love > Hate committee at First Unitarian Church of Orlando, I want to thank you on behalf of all of us for adding your beautiful voice to the event. It meant a lot to us and those in attendance. After it was over, I heard many commenting on the wisdom of the selection of Ruth King to handle that important area!"

-Steph Garber, First Unitarian Church of Orlando

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