"Here is Ruth's story which teaches us that love is the solution to the fear that fosters racism. The remedy is within each of us as we extend compassion to ourselves and to others."

-Ann Vanlandingham, Reader

"Through memoir and storytelling, Ruth Anne King demonstrates a way to heal our racial wounds and move us forward to a more loving world."

-Kristin Congdon, University of Central Florida, Professor Emerita of Philosophy and Humanities

Photo by Madison Thorn

"Ruth Anne King's stirring and courageous memoir of her journey to reconcile and affirm her identity led to her belief in what can build a non-racist future: love.

This is a story for all of us seeking a more peaceful and compassionate world. Ruth writes authentically and beautifully from her heart, calling all who desire to join her to begin putting the profound power of love into action."

-Stacy Russo, Author of Love Activism and We Were Going to Change the World

Four Generations

Hero fire-fighter Preston Burl

"A tragedy of truth that will have you cheering for redemption. A life born to hatred, raised in neglect but RUTH emerges triumphant in love."

-Crissy Stile, Owner, Barrel of Books and Games; Mayor of Mount Dora, Florida

"Ruth's message comes from a heart center of pure love, forgiveness, and compassion - even for those that many would say don't "deserve" it.

She turns on its ear the concept that only conflict, anger, and judgment will solve our collective social ills.

She blends the philosophies of music, religion, art, and social justice in such a way that the reader is stunned by a lightning bolt of understanding"

"I, as love, am the solution!"

-Al Chiodi, Poet, Husband, Father, and always a friend

Photos by Terri McConnell

"In broad strokes of historical narrative, Ruth explores the complexity of her life growing up as a biracial Black child. Despite all of the pain of prejudice directed at her from both Whites and Blacks, she chooses to respond with compassion and kindness.

As a White woman, I am grateful for a chance to see a different world through Ruth's eyes."

-Maggie Kerrigan, Psychotherapist

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